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The roofing cost calculator can help give you a “rough estimate” of what your actual roofing job may cost. Don’t want to mess with the complexity of the roofing  calculator? Get a free quote here. We can give you a free inspection report and get you a more accurate quote in no time. So, here’s how the roof pricing calculator works:

If you try using other applications to gather roofing costs and estimated roof pricing, you very well may end up with many emails and phone calls from various roofing companies. It is possible that these companies are not vetted, and you could receive incorrect roof pricing. Furthermore, many online roofing calculators DO NOT provide actual roof pricing per the job you are inquiring about. That is why our roofing calculator is the best pricing calculator for you. Even though the actual cost MAY NOT be exact, it will be MUCH more accurate than the majority or roof calculators out there. 

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