Did your insurance give you a new roof? We can oversee the entire project. Need a leak repaired? We can help! Download our brochure here! 

What we offer

Do you have roof repair needs? K&K Roofing specializes in roof leak repair. Our skills highly refined as we are deep rooted in the commercial and residential roof leak repair industry. We keep on hand the highest grade materials and best practices for repairing ANY type of roof. 

K&K will come to your property and perform a roof analysis and detailed report for you. We will inspect your roof for possible leaks and common wear. Were you affected by a recent hail storm? We can assist you through the insurance claims process and work with you and your insurance adjuster to see to it that you receive all the repairs needed for your property. 

Does your roof need a little TLC? We can provide you with resealing or areas that need to be resecured.